Rules and Guidelines


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    Rules and Guidelines

    Post by T3chI3 on Tue Jun 29, 2010 1:56 pm

    Rules and Guidelines:

    1. The only language spoken/written on this forum is ENGLISH.

    2. Please post in the appropriate sections. Those who post in the wrong section more than once receive a warning, if it occurs again after a warning is received the user will be banned. If you are unsure where to post please contact a Staff Member and they will happily help.

    3. Spamming, discriminating, disrespecting and/or racism are NOT allowed at the T3ch FoRum, we do not tolerate this behavior what so ever. If you are found doing so the situation will be assessed and you will be banned indefinitely depending on the severity

    4. Advertising competition websites is not allowed, any attempt to advertise without the knowledge of forum staff will result with the users account being banned, and the advertised link censored.

    5. Please respect other members threads and keep the discussions on topic, users who intentionally go off-topic will be warned, repeat offenders will be banned.

    6. Information is crucial. Always add it to your post, including screenshots, requirements and other necessary information.

    7. Arguing, swearing, insulting, and/or criticizing any staff member will result in an immediate ban.


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